Monday, October 3, 2016

Digital Footprints...

This week I took on the challenge of looking myself up on Google. Unfortunately, Jill Peters is a very common name of some exceptional people! Check out the number of results on Google for my name and some of the things that pop up!

One question I had to contemplate was, is there anything out there I was surprised by? I was surprised that even after creating an landing page, my information did not show up on a Google search! For this reason I wasn't too concerned about removing certain photos or posts from the web. I did try narrowing my Google search to Jill Peters Teacher. This search had some inaccurate results:

I do show up in a more specific search, but as a teacher at my former school. I helped edit the school website, I need to request for my name and bio to be removed from my old school and perhaps offer to put more details on my new school's website. Their website is pretty bland and "under construction".

My favorite thing that shows up when I further narrowed my search was the Hawkeye Community College Faculty Directory Page:

I like this result because last summer I jumped into teaching technology camps at Hawkeye for students through Black Rocket. This experience really stretched me and got me excited about all of the things students can do with technology.

My next goal is to purchase my own domain for a reasonable amount. I like this aspect of owning some of my own presence on the web. Additionally, I've joined Linked In to add to my professional contacts. The very awesome part about Linked in is how quickly you can connect with your contacts. One of the developers of the robots I'm writing a grant for added me as a contact! 

Students need to be aware sooner rather than later of the impact of their digital footprint. Things you post can be seen by more people than you think! Even in my case, if someone took the time to dig through all of the Google Search results for my name, they may come across something older or irrelevant to my current professional push. 

Try it! Google yourself! I wonder what Google will reveal about you?

Thanks for reading! Peters Out!

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