Monday, July 10, 2017

Photography 101: Steps to Improving My Media

       I made my first foray into utilizing some basic photography composition this week as a part of my grad class!

      I'm not one for fancy photographs, however, knowing some of these skills is helpful when building digital media. 

     We had to experiment with titling, the rule of thirds, and finding the position of most potential. Check out my rudimentary results: 


As you can see, my photos have a few flaws, but were taken with more consideration this time.

One of the challenging aspects of this assignment was that we had to choose the titles on the photos from a predetermined list. I had some great ideas for the cat in suitcase photo, but we couldn't venture out of those parameters. A second challenge was finding the place of most potential without compromising the true essence of the photo. I had a tough time deciding how to photograph my cat in the suitcase and feel I lost some of the photo essence in my choice of where I took the photo. This assignment was challenging overall because I have a very tough time visualizing anything, as I usually think in words, not pictures. I like photography, but I could never explain why I preferred one photo over another before. 

Next time, I want to try different angles and really contemplate what looks the most eye-catching as well as apply symmetry to my photos. 

I'm always jealous of those who can easily visualize the world around them, this would have been helpful for me to have developed before now! I have improved my visualization skills, but not to the point where I am confident about my photography. 

In the future, if you are working through the Instructional Technology program, I would suggest remembering that any start is a start, even if it's a little sloppy at first! If this is your first time trying to add some professionalism into your photography, expect you may need practice.

Photograph on!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reflections, Jill. For not be a "visual person," I thought your first attempts were just fine. I'm glad to hear that you are more aware now of those photo composition and titling rules so you can begin to more effectively deliver the message behind the image. I'm also glad to hear that you understand that these kinds of skills can be developed and people aren't just born with them. The more practice you put into it, the better the results :)
    I look forward to the rest of your work in this class.