Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Are YOU a lonely teacher? I have those days!

Teaching. The great adventure. Sometimes it can feel like we are in this alone. In fact, we close our classroom doors, teach our amazing lessons, and go home in the afternoon, all sometimes without having an in-depth conversation with another professional.

Photo Title: "Fenway Parks 'Lone Red Seat'
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Some days you probably feel like that lonely seat! Have no fear though!
The blogosphere is here!

I am a typical teacher in that some days I have so much human interaction, that I don't even want to seek out a conversation with another professional. This usually signifies that it's time to consult the blogs! I might be bone dry of unique teaching ideas, but the great thing is I'm not the first one to do this! I've found so many great ideas on the web from other teachers. I'm not alone!!!

One blog I follow in many formats is the Pre-K Pages website and blog posts. This website offers many unique teaching ideas and materials that are developmentally appropriate for young students. This blog provides free ideas and opportunities to purchase additional resources. The website was created by Vanessa Levin, a very experienced early childhood educator.

A second amazing teacher, blog creator, and twitterer I follow is Christine Pinto. I love all of the things she is doing because she has ideas for getting very young students to use a variety of Google Apps! I love this because it takes imagination and dedication to help young students successfully use all of the tools available in the technology world. She's posted some great ideas of how to get started! Christine's level of technology use with young students is something I aspire to.

This great resource I've began using is the Iowa Reading Research Center. This is not exactly a blog, however, it is a great resource for teachers and families looking for ways to help students with literacy skills. You can search through the resources by grade level, Iowa Core, skill, or resource type. If your entire class is looking like they need help in a certain literacy area, you can easily find a few resources on this page to get you started.

These are only a few of the many resources out there that remind me I'm NOT a "lone red seat"! In the moments where I feel like I'm going it alone, I can seek out these resources and be refreshed, inspired, and encouraged in my teaching career! I hope you are on your way to finding some spectacular teaching blogs as well! Leave your favorite blog links below!

Thanks for reading! Peters Out!

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