Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Case for Teachers on Twitter:

Teaching. The always changing profession. In today's day and age teaching has an extra challenging component of cell phones and apps. 

Some schools have one to one devices and some schools are trying to find the fine line between cell phone usage by students and encouraging teachers to use that very same technology in the classroom!

I myself joined Twitter only a short 6 months ago and my professional learning community has grown far beyond my district or even state!

In fact, in the above guide, you can see educators have already done the work of how you can use Twitter in a classroom setting! This is only one of many extensive resources available for teachers about Twitter.

We have to explore Twitter as MA students in our Educational Technology classes. Talk about interesting homework!

Joosten writes, "Educators must make an effort and a commitment to become social media users. The extent of the benefits of social media is not fully comprehensible until you become a part of the community. Don't just be an observer, be a participant!" (Joosten, 15)

I did not even realize the scope of Twitter until I began really seeking out other teachers, principals, instructional coaches, companies creating STEM products, and of course, my favorite sports teams via Twitter! Twitter is a huge resource! In a recent project, one of my fellow classmates created a demo of how you could live tweet with parents during a class field trip! 

Need more convincing?

Pick one or two of these ideas to get started! The most rewarding ways I've been using Twitter is to connect with other teachers. Sometimes it can be tough to find people within your own district or building that have your same passion. Some teachers are very passionate about equity, project-based learning, incorporating technology, using Minecraft in the classroom, or anything else. Using Twitter, you can find other teachers that are already doing the same things you are passionate about!

Last, but definitely not least, consider how wider your teaching world can become when you open the global door to thousands of teaching ideas! It's no longer the day and age when you need to create things and hope they work! Find experts in your content area or grade level, or, be an expert in your own content area or grade level. Don't wait until your professional development days or hours to grow as a teacher!

(Click the word teacher for more ideas!)

Thanks for reading! Mrs. Peters out! 

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